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An all digital distribution outlet for independent filmmakers.  Our objective is to provide worldwide exposure for independent films through DVD sales, internet video-on-demand (VOD) sales and rentals, cable and satellite pay-per-view (PPV) rentals, and limited theatrical releases.  

World class professional Actor training. Individual classes and full 2 year program. Three theatres within the facility producing shows year round.

 A union between the hard working thespians of the world and the passionate filmmaking mavericks who buck the system. Since its formation in 1997, SAGindie has been traveling to film festivals, trade shows and conventions spreading the word: Just because your film isn’t produced by a studio doesn’t mean you can’t use professional talent. In fact, input from indie producers continues to help SAG-AFTRA revise and improve its five low-budget agreements to make it even easier for filmmakers to use SAG-AFTRA actors, regardless of their budget. If you’re going to compete with the big boys you need all the help you can get.

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