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Directors:  Stan Harrington

Screenwriter:  Stan Harrington

Genre:  Music Drama


In a place where power, success and fame are omnipotent and love, nature and sincerity are not just casualties but often inconvenient, Lost Angels explores the journey of Charlie and Joshua through the maze of living in Hollywood. Sweethearts since high school, the two are now separated and living at extremes…Joshua, playing his music at a local dive bar, while Charlie explores life as an actress and in the fast lane with renown film director, Richard Steinberg. Despite her admission that she still loves Joshua, she will not return, determined to give her dream a real chance.


One revelatory night when, almost accosted by producer Samuel Rosen, tinsletown’s unique and disturbing conventions and traditions become painfully clear. Charlie runs back to Joshua feeling broken and seemingly unable to accept the unsettling nature of her chosen lifestyle. Chick, an eccentric former music guru, desperate to re-capture his place in the upper hierarchy of the music industry, pursues Joshua, desperate to sign the talented singer/songwriter. Upon Charlie’s unexpected late night escape back into Richard’s arms Chick explains to Joshua that Charlie was seduced by the drug we refer to as "Hollywood"…the fame, the spotlight, the power. “They never come back”, he states. “You have to let it go.” To which Joshua replies after some thought, “…or be famous”


Lost Angels is a heart-breaking love-story expressed through the soulful sounds of Oliver Pigott’s amazing soundtrack and questions the wisdom of sacrificing real values for artificial ones.


Directors:  Stan Harrington

Screenwriter:  Stan Harrington

Genre:  Documentary






Michael Madsen, arguably the quintessential indie film actor, for an interview in So You Want Michael Madsen?


Featuring interviews with Jim Parrack (True Blood), Emmy Winner Holland Taylor (Two and a Half Men), Golden Globe Winner John Saxon (Enter The Dragon), Paula Jai Parker (Hustle and Flow), and the man in question, Michael Madsen.

So You Want Michael Madsen? profiles the obsession, need, and craving to get name talent for low/no budget independent films like never before. Follow award-winning filmmaker Stan Harrington on his quest to secure

LOVE IS...  

Director:  Stan Harrington

Screenwriter:  Stan Harrington

Genre:  Romantic Drama



Nick and Maddie fall in love practically at first site but their relationship stalls almost as suddenly. An award winning  romantic, sexy and sometimes even tragic love story about the true meaning of love...


Directors:  Stan Harrington

Screenwriter:  Stan Harrington

Genre:  Family


"BELLA, "Thanksgiving in July" examines of the difference between what we intend to communicate and the way our message is received; It explores the agony of regret, and the freedom of forgiveness; And it enlightens us about the supernatural and undeniable power of a mother's love.


Starring, May Quigley Goodman, Ciera Danielle, Emmett Skilton, Dale Dickey, Stan Harrington and Spencer Garrett.

BELLA "Thanksgiving in July" 
BLOOD  (in development)

Director:  To Be Announced

Screenwriter:  Stan Harrington

Genre:  Western


Celebrations abound when news spreads throughout SKELETON CREEK and beyond that a historic hand over of the power from Old SHERIFF WORTHY to his 25 year old, Mexican, Deputy, MIGUEL is imminent. When Wanted Posters surface announcing sightings of the much afeared murderer, CAIN WORTHY, the festivities are quickly tempered, and the old Sheriff is forced into choosing between his adopted protégé and his biological,

outlaw son.


Blood is a stark Western, brutal in its style, suspenseful in its narrative and thought provoking in its complex character studies. A blend of Peckinpah and Zinneman, with a touch of the early Eastwood classics,  illuminating the themes of honor, duty and fatherhood

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